behind the name

The story behind the photograph watermark has quite a history. It begins with my husband's last name and his parent's deputation. 35 years ago.

Since our [their] last name, Piatt, is apparently difficult for some people to remember. and even more difficult to pronounce if only seeing it written, my father-in-law came up with a little quip to help people remember who he and his family were. and it worked. 

When you walk in the kitchen you ask: Where's the pie at? [making you hungry yet?] This helped most people, and John and I still use it. mostly for helping people remember how to pronounce it: pie-at.

Fast forward to our family. the new Piatts [established June 03]. A math/computer geek married a reading/editing nerd and you get pi [as in the numerical value of the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter] and @ [the at symbol]. 

Combine the two and you get our watermark [for now]. {-{smiles}-} I know it's corny, but people remember it! And I am fairly certain no one will be copying it.